History of ASC "Femto" began in 1995 when the enterprise was founded in city of Radujny by experts in the field of coherent optics. The main purpose for the creation of the enterprise was to build a reasonable alternative to large highly specialized enterprises in the field of complex systems of adaptive optics and a coherent location development.
The basic technical policy of ASC "Femto" implies formation of ideology, technologies and engineering concept of new system product prior to the start of its design elaboration. Only when the pilot project is created, experts in the field of optics, mechanics and electronics are connected to work, guided by the well-done technical specification. Such policy allows making new prototypes of very complex systems within a year or 1.5 year.
The area of primary efforts of the enterprise is coherent optics. The coherent optics is understood as area in which not only properties of amplitudes (intensities) are essential, but properties of phases of light fields as well. Two most promising areas of coherent optics - adaptive optics and lidars based on laser heterodyne systems - are of special interest to the enterprise. Since processing of coherent signals appreciably differs from the technologies accepted in classical optics, this area is a subject of special attention of experts of the enterprise.
The pages of the site present products (already executed works) along with projects under treatment. Last page contains short presentation of our laboratories.


Universal informative adaptive system
400mm informative adaptive telescope
Secondary convex deformable mirror
Laser adaptive system

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