History of ASC "Femto" began in 1995 when the enterprise was founded in city of Radujny by experts in the field of coherent optics. The main purpose for the creation of the enterprise was to build a reasonable alternative to large highly specialized enterprises in the field of complex systems of adaptive optics and a coherent location development.

October 17, 1995 - date of the state registration of Applied Science Center "Femto" as the society with limited liability.

December 1996 - ASC "Femto" developed, manufactured and tested 400mm adaptive telescope with closed loop control.

August 1997 - Experimental sample of universal adaptive optical system was developed and manufactured. It was tested with 1100mm astronomy telescope.

July 1998 - ASC "Femto" manufactured the first adaptive system placed inside of the laser resonator (l =1,06mcm)

October 1998 - Specialists of ASC "Femto" carried out experimental work with coherent system using synthesis of the large receiving apertures.

January 1999 - Experimental sample of sharpness function matrix photosensor for aperture sounding adaptive system was made.

June 1999 - The office of the enterprise has moved into Zelenograd (Moscow).

August 1999 - Successful experiments with informative adaptive system during observation of very complex object (fragment of the forest in wind weather).

January 2000 - Successful computer simulation of multiconjugative closed loop operation with original multilayer wavefront sensor was realized.

March 2000 - ASC "Femto" manufactured and delivered to Customer the first CO2-laser adaptive system.

February 2001 - Successful experiments with receiving apertures synthesis were made at a distance about 5km.

March 2002 - Experimental investigations of receiving apertures synthesis were made at a distance about 1km with high level of atmospheric turbulence and aerosol density.

April 2002 - ASC "Femto" developed, manufactured and tested 32-channel laser adaptive system with WFS for infra-red radiation.

March 2003- ASC "Femto" started manufacturing of 3-conjugated adaptive system for 3m telescope.

2005 - 2010- ASC "Femto" developed and manufactured various adaptive optical systems for imaging.

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