ASC "Femto" now carries out several developments of their own, and under orders of various customers. Some of them are presented below.

Multichannel informative adaptive systems

Various projects of multi-purpose informative adaptive system are under way now. Adaptive systems will serve as add-on device for various types of telescopes, cameras, imaging devices etc.

The multiconjugative adaptive system

To overcome the restriction connected with anisoplanatizm of a turbulent atmosphere is possible with application of the so-called multiconjugative adaptive systems. The basic idea consists in the necessity to compensate an atmosphere distortions not with one deformable mirror, but with the several mirrors conjugating with different layers of an atmosphere along the light path.

The main problem is to create the effective sensor to carry out "multilayer" measurement of distortions. The scheme of such sensor is developed in ASC "Femto". The tests and computer simulating confirm its efficiency. Now manufacturing of 3-layers adaptive system for 3m telescope is in progress. This system will have 384 control channel.

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